FanStory Review and History

It’s tough to be a writer. It’s a solitary task. You write on your own and get very little feedback from those that can help you the most. Yes, you can get reviews from your friends and family. But what are those worth?

In the year 2000 FanStory was born. The site was created by Tom Ens for the sole purpose of giving writers a place to share their writing and help each other grow.

In the years that followed it became a popular location for writers and while still offering writers a place to share their writing and get feedback it has evolved into a social network. Must like Facebook but writer centric.

If you are looking for FanStory reviews I would start with the testimonials from writers.  Are there success stories. Does the history of the site lend itself to seeing writers launch their careers. Check the fanstory reviews to see if it measures up.

The fanstory reviews we have read show that FanStory is a success story in that regard. The site has launched the writing career of several well known writers. In addition, the fanstory reviews show that fanstory can help writers become better writers.


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